New Jersey Soap Box Derby
Clinics, Rules, and Inspection
Clinics, Rules and Inspection Information
All New Brunswick cars must be official kits purchased through the All American Soap Box Derby web site at  The New Brunswick race features Stock, Super Stock, and Masters Divisions.  

The New Jersey Soap Box Racing Inspection Board will be hosting a clinic, and pre-inspection events.  Once the dates are established they will be posted on this web site and at the HUB Recreation Center in New Brunswick, NJ.   Any new driver, racing in this event are encouraged to participate in the clinic.     

2018 Schedule of Events:

Car Builders Clinic : May 19th from 1-3pm
HUB Recreation Center, 411 Joyce Kilmer Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

New Brunswick Pre Race Inspection: June 2 from 9am-11am
Johnson & Johnson Headquarters, 501 George Street,  New Brunswick, NJ 08901

New Brunswick Soap Box Derby: (501 George Street, New Brunswick)
Saturday, June 9, 2018 8am for Drivers and Families.  Derby begins at 11am for the 18th Annual New Brunswick Soap Box Derby

81st First Energy All American Soap Box Derby World Championship (Akron, Ohio)
July 15-21, 2018

Derby Director giving instructions to drivers before a race
Masters Cars ready for Inspection in Akron