New Jersey Soap Box Racing
Board of Directors
The New Jersey Soap Box Racing Association Board of Directors annually work to support soap box racing in the state of New Jersey.  Annually the board helps to provide STEM clinics, special events and a opportunity for youth ages 7-20 to experience the thrill of building and racing a Soap Box Derby cars.  The New Jersey Soap Box Racing Board is all volunteer and always looking for supporters to help with clinics/events. Please call Board President-Denise Gutierrez at (609) 433-0340 or email Denise Gutierrez .
Bob Goodfellow preparing to race the oil can cars in the parent race.
The NJSBRA Board of Directors:
President Denise Gutierrez
Vice President Tim Flynn
Treasurer Charlie Miller
Secretary Jackie Perone
Board Members: Mike Blackwell
Ellen Goodfellow
Jeff Clouser