There's only one seat: however, the whole family gets into it
New Jersey Soap Box Racing
Mike Blackwell and Tim Flynn have served as Co-Directors for the New Brunswick Soap Box Derby since 2001.  
2017 Champs: Alexander, Jessie and Ryan after winning at J & J Headquarters.  
The NJSBRA is looking to host Rally Race Weekend in New Jersey Fall 2018. 

The New Jersey Soap Box Racing Association is currently setting up a Rally Race for fall of 2018.  After 17 years of hosting a Local Derby, the NJSBRA will transition to a Rally Race.  Race families from the Northeast Region of America will be encouraged to participate.  

More information and details will be forthcoming this summer.  
George Amadeo finishes 4th at the 79th World Championships in Akron, Ohio in 2016. 
Above please enjoy a photo of one of our 2016 New Jersey Champs - George Amadeo and his parents.  George won the New Jersey race and finished 4th at the 79th World Championships in Akron, Ohio in 2016.  
Welcome to the New Jersey Soap Box Racing Association Website. The mission of the New Jersey Soap Box Racing Association is to help promote and publicize all forms of Soap Box racing throughout the state of New Jersey.   New Jersey features many races throughout the state.

Some towns in New Jersey host a variety of styles of soap box racing. The towns that we know of to date are: High Bridge, Keyport, Union, Vineland, Warren, and Washington Boro. The High Bridge race will be held on Saturday, June 2nd.  Union and Washington Boro races are both held on the fourth of July annually.  If you host a Soap Box Derby in the state of New Jersey and would like a mention, please email Mike Blackwell at  Please provide your race info and we would be glad to add it to our web site and help publicize your event.   

The New Jersey Soap Box Racing Association would like to thank Johnson & Johnson, Turtle and Hughes and the City of New Brunswick for serving as sponsors for the past 18 years.  The New Brunswick Derby has been held annually at the Johnson & Johnson's World Headquarters campus at 501 George Street in New Brunswick since 2001.  Special thanks to the many volunteers around the state for consistent help with our many races.  

New Brunswick Past Champions:
2001       Stock                    David Seamon
2002       Stock                    Daniel Rivera
2002       Super Stock        Shannon Varga
2003       Stock                    Mitch Newsom
2003       Super Stock        Forest Stranburg
2004       Stock                    Gil Swenson
2004       Super Stock        Lauren Santullo
2005       Stock                    Lauren Santullo
2005       Super Stock        Skeeter Klim
2006       Stock                    Austin Friend
2006       Super Stock        Kim Clementi
2007       Stock                    Robby Goodfellow
2007       Super Stock        CJ Clementi
2008       Stock                    McKenzie Garrick
2008       Super Stock        Issac Grube
2008       Masters               Sophie Goodfellow
2009       Stock                    Nicholas Landi
2009       Super Stock        Maegan Cerqueira
2009       Masters               Vincent Fresco
2010       Stock                    Julianne Miller
2010       Super Stock        Meredith Miller
2010       Masters               Maegan Cerqueira
2011       Stock                   Noah Ratliff
2011       Super Stock        Nina Marie Amadeo
2011       Masters               Patrick Flynn
2012 Stock    Jeffrey Clouser
2012 Super Stock        Julianne Miller
2012  Masters     Alex Hawkins
2013       Stock             Andrew Gonzalez
2013       Super Stock          Sarah Flynn
2013       Masters              Meredith Miller
2014       Stock     Hanah Lehrian
2014       Super Stock     Ryan Pierson
2014       Masters     Jeffrey Clouser
2015       Stock                    Louis Bizzoco
2015       Super Stock     Jessie Gutierrez
2015       Masters                Hal Conte
2016       Stock         Aidan Smith
2016       Super Stock     George Amadeo
2016       Masters                Ryan Pierson
2017       Stock     Ryan Aemisegio
2017       Super Stock         Alexander Gutierrez
2017       Masters     Jessie Gutierrez
Kids, don't wait till your 16 to drive.  Start driving Soap Box cars now.  All American Soap Box Derby lowered the age this year to allow kids as young as 7 to begin racing.  A student who is 7 - 20 years of age on race day can race in the Soap Box Derby.  

To race in the official races you will need either a Stock, Super Stock, or Masters Car Kit.  The Stock and Super Stock car kits cost approximately $550 each.  The Masters Car kit costs approximately $700-$1,000 depending on your paint job and detail.  These cars can be purchased online at .  Most families seek sponsors through local businesses or corporations to help pay for the cost of the soap box car kit and then provide advertising or logos on their cars.  If you need a new soap box car kit you should order and build your car a month or two in advance of the race.  Kits can be ordered online at  

The stock division is for racers ages 7-13.  The Super Stock division is for racers ages 10-19 years of age.  The Masters Division is for racers ages 10-19.   Super Kids Division is for any child age 7+.  


New Brunswick Derby Starting Gates.  
2016 Champions in Stock, Super Stock, and Masters. 
George Amadeo finished 4th at the World Championships on July 16, 2016.  Congratulations to George and the Amadeo family.
Joe Perone and Tim Flynn having some fun racing in the adult cars this year.  
Students on the roof of a parking deck working together on building their stock car for the race.  

4 Super Kids Cars for special needs students racing.